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Arusha Powertech Systems  is an Indian based power & it company to provides critical power solutions, standby power ,power protection systems  services & Sales support  in industries, buildings ,homes,  banks, broadcast companies, Food FMCG, healthcare, institutions and pharmaceutical research laboratories.

Data security, backup, storage of Network & infrastructure protection is a must for the IT department. Our qualified Engineers provide periodically service visits and address the technical and implementation issues.

We are providing local and regional services support for Pan India for all brands of New online & offline UPS, SMF battery, UPS AMC, battery charger, Phase sequencer, Servo controlled Voltage stabilizer , Automatic transfer switch, Server rack, PDUs , Rental UPS & Batteries, UPS Repairing, Rack & Interlinks, Solution designing, old scrap material under buyback, UPS Monitoring, Solar Systems, UPS for Router switch, Earthing System, BMS & Electrical panel etc.

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